2015 to 2018 for Wrington Vale Chapter

Wrington Vale Chapter is going from strength to strength with a steady flow of candidates and we have had some remarkable ceremonies and events. E Comp Mark Golding was installed into the chair of Z  very competently by E Comp Tommy Charles following a quiet 2015.

During the year we had a very interesting talk by E Comp Ray Beckingham, leading nicely into myself giving the Historical lecture which I did twice during my time as H.

Mark took the reins and his first Exhalation was February a bit emotionally charged, a first for us and possibly Somerset carried out a flawless exhalation of his Father. Our May meeting with the Ladies we celebrated MEGS 50 years in The Royal Arch, which was a successful and enjoyable night . An Exhalation in October, then December we successfully balloted for MEGS to become an Honorary member and Mark with his usual flair Installed me into the chair of Z.

I had a very enjoyable year with 2 Exhalations and an excellent meeting in May, The Grand Superintendent accompanied by his Provincial Team and our Ladies joined us, presented the Chapter with our Tracing Board followed by a first class explanation. Another good night had by all.

December came and I installed E Comp David Weatherill as  Z and I was honoured to have E Comp D John Bennett as not only J but also as H, he installed J Elect Comp John Vowles perfectly then took on the duties of H. I must say MEGS set the bar very high that night and I think I did OK installing David who is a very good ritualist. February’s meeting is not to be missed, definitely a first for Wrington Vale and possibly Somerset. The Principles have the night off,(Z has to install H) as the Exhalation of Bro Ken Avery (Comp Harvey Jones’ and my candidate) is being carried out by 4 Provincial Teams from Somerset, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Dorset and Wiltshire. One not to miss so book early with E Comp Bussell.

Thank you for reading.

Barry Jones.