1st Principals opens the season

The opening meeting of the 2018 season was the held at Bridgwater by the Somerset 1st Principals Chapter on another warm evening. The Chapter was opened by the three Principals – Ray Beckingham, Z, Maldwyn Davies, H, and Andy Gray, J, and was immediately followed by the reception of MEGS D John Bennett, accompanied by E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Pr G Principal and visiting all the way from Worcestershire their DepGS E Comp John Phenix, E Comp Chris Moore, PrDC, and acting as Standard Bearer E Comp Sandy Glenn.

A most excellent eulogy for E Comp Walter Wood was given by E Comp Sid Brailey and companions stood to order. After the Minutes were approved the Principals welcomed the visiting members from other Provinces and 1st Principals from Somerset Chapters. There followed a ballot for two Joining Members, which proved clear, and for E Comp Ray Sheppard as the new Treasurer, which also was clear.

The main event of the evening was a talk given by E Comp Ray Beckingham entitled ‘Why Holy?, why Royal?, why Arch?’. This proved to be most enlightening and everyone must have gained their day’s advancement in masonic knowledge.

The next event was the Induction of the three Principals, E Comp Maldwyn as Z, E Comp Andy as H and E Comp Richard Ellis as J. The Principals then appointed and invested their Officers.

3 Principals, E Comps Andy Gray, H, Maldwyn Davies, Z, John Bennett, MEGS, and Richard Ellis, J.

Following the Notice of Motion from the last meeting E Comp Martin Slowcombe proposed that £500 be donated to the 2020 Festival. This was duly carried. The Chapter was closed with a hymn and the Companions retired to the Festive Board.

At the Festive Board at the Toast to MEGS he was presented with a fine bottle of gin by MEZ and Megs duly responded. The Visitors Toast was given by E Comp John Griffen and responded to by E Comp Mike Phenix.

E Comp Maldwyn proposing the Toast to MEGS
MEGS Responds with E Comp Chris Moore, PrDC, standing by
An enjoyable Festive Board