1st Principals 28th June at Yatton

On what must have been the hottest day of the year so far, we held our Summer meeting at Yatton, where MEZ Ray Beckingham’s Chapter (Wrington Vale) meets – a busy and eventful agenda had 17 items!

MEZ musing on how well the rearsal went

Visitors from the Provinces of Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire and Hereford were warmly (haha) welcomed, as well as First Principals of Somerset Chapters.  Our own Grand Superintendent, Deputy and 2nd Provincial Principal were also present at this packed meeting.

Welcoming visitors

Members of Abbey Chapter delivered the Travelling Sceptre for safe keeping,

Abbey Chapter delivering the Travelling Sceptre

after which the Chapter elected E Comp Ron Babbage as an Honorary Member and E Comps Richard Reeve, Alan Dummett and John Hewett as Joining Members.

Welcoming Joining Members
H wondering if he’ll be elected as MEZ

The three Principals for 2018/2019 were then elected – Maldwyn Davies (Z), Andy Gray (H) and Richard Ellis (J).  All three thanked the Companions for so honouring them.  E Comp Bob Moore was re-elected as Treasurer, and he informs me that the cruise is booked!

Andy Gray smiling?

To round off the meeting, E Comp Ray Beckingham delivered a very interesting and educational “Commentary on the Royal Arch” urging Companions to use it as a springboard for their own researches.

The Festive Board was a jolly affair, with dress code relaxed to permit removal of jackets – thank goodness!

Welcoming E Comp Ray Bennett,Deputy Grand Superintendent of Glos & Hereford