1966 Installation – Part Two

The November Meeting was the completion of our Installation Meeting whereby R Comp Peter Chidzey was Inducted into the chair of Zerubbabel. E comp was absent from the Installation Meeting as he was at home a week after undergoing open heart Surgery and to have recovered so quickly was great to see. Officers also absent were invested with their collars by Peter. Following on E Comp Alan Holton, Deputy Grand Superintendent gave the Address to MEZ, having given the Address at our Installation in September.

L to R: E Comps Alan Holton, DGS, Andrew Kerslake, H, Peter Chidzey, MEZ, and Jason Vincent, J

Next item was to receive the Travelling Sceptre from Sincerity Chapter no 261, E Comp Charlie Barker, MEZ, lead a delegation of six other companions and delivered the Sceptre for us to take it to Parrett and Axe Chapter on 28th November. MEZ Peter Chidzey thanked the companions of 261 and hoped that they would enjoy our meeting and the Festive Board afterwards.

E Comp Charlie Barker, MEZ 261, delivering the Sceptre to E Comp Peter Chidzey, newly installed MEZ Of 1966
Part of the contingent from Sincerity Chapter, Extreme left E Comp Chris Partridge, Comp Jack Leeming, E Comps John Sillett, Bob Nicholls, Roger Bailey and Comp Brian Pollard

MEZ then asked E Comp Jason Vincent, J, to present the Historical Lecture. This was done in the Catechetical format and he was assisted by five companions. MEZ then asked E Comp Andrew Kerslake ,H, for the Symbolical Lecture, which was undertaken again in Catechetical form split into eight parts. Finally an explanation of the Tracing Board was undertaken. Alan Holton acted as Narrator and the work was passed around the Chapter even twisting the arms of many of the visitors.

E Comps John Brown, with that worried look, Alan Holton acting as narrator, Andrew Kerslake, Peter Chidzey, Jason Vincent, Peter Light, Charlie Barker and Chris Partridge

Once the Lectures were completed the Risings were carried out and the Chapter closed in peace and Harmony. Companions then returned the Chapter to a Craft Lodge and adjourned to the Dining Room.

The meal was excellent consisting of cream of vegetable soup followed by bangers and mash with peas, carrots and red cabbage beautiful cooked by Peter and Emily Catlow, our super chefs.

At the Festive Board E Comp Keith Smith proposed the Toast to the Province and E Comp Alan Holton duly responded. E Comp Adrian Halliwell, DC, proposed the toast to E Comp Peter Chidzey, MEZ, who responded by thanking the companions for their thoughts and messages during his time in hospital and while recovering.  E Comp John Brown, IPZ, then gave the toast to our visitors especially thanking the contingent from 261. This was amply answered bi E Comp Chris Partridge, J of 261.