1966 Complete the Grand Slam

The Chapter of Fidelity and Sincerity was held on 24th April, a week later than usual to avoid Easter Monday. The Chapter was honoured by E Comp Maldwyn Davies, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal accompanied by E Comp Derek Tadman, ProvAssDC. This was Derek’s last outing as ProvADC, despite travelling all the way from Trowbridge to be with us.

E Comp Derek getting demob happy!

The visit of E Comp Malwyn meant that 1966 had achieved the Grand Slam of being visited by all Provincial rulers in one season.

The Chapter was opened at 18:45, a little late as we waited for late arrivals. E Comp Maldwyn Davies was welcomed into the Chapter and proffered the Sceptre which he rapidly returned. Next item was to give a Eulogy for E Comp Walter Cole who passed away on Monday 17th April given by E comp Adrian Halliwell. Comps stood to order in respect of departed merit.

E Comps Peter Chidzey, H, Maldwyn Davies, 2nd Prov Grand Principal, John Brown, MEZ, and Andrew Kerslake, J

Item 6 on the agenda was to Exalt W Bro Simon Gamlin, WM of the Lodge of Fidelity and Sincerity, The Principal Sojourner retired to entrust Simon and the ceremony continued.

The Sojourners (Comps Chris Waterhouse, Paul Spoors and Keith Roncaglia) with Comp Simon Gamlin

Item 7 was to elect E Comp Peter Chidzey as Z, E comp Andrew Kerslake as H, and Comp Jason Vincent as J, with E Comp Keith Smith as the Treasurer. There being no other nominations E Comp John Brown, MEZ, declared them duly elected. All responded with appropriate words. Election of remaining Officers was voted on that the incoming Principals would choose them and two Examiners were elected.

The Chapter was closed in Harmony and the collection would be sent to Multiple Sclerosis UK in memory of Walter.

Everyone retired for the festive board of Spicy Cottage Pie followed by fresh fruit salad and cream, which all enjoyed. The toast to the Exaltee was given by E Comp Jim Nicol, his Proposer and the explanation of the fire by E Comp Adrian Halliwell, his Seconder. The toast to the Visitors was given by E Comp Richard Gale and E Comp Sidney French responded in his inimitable way.

Comp 4-17