16 03 2017 – Chapter Marine Compass & Temple Floorcloth Dedication

2017.03.16 - Marine Chapter 007
M.E. Grand Superintendent D.. John Bennett during the Dedication Ceremony.


2017.03.16 - Marine Chapter 015
Comp. Robert Baylis receiving his Grand Chapter Certificate from E.Comp. Maldwyn Davies 2nd Provincial Grand Principal.


2017.03.16 - Marine Chapter 001 (Small)
Principals: E.Comps. S.Wilson (Z), M. Westley (H) and P. Harris (J) during the Dedication Ceremony.

The Chapter Marine Installation ceremony was honoured by the presence of the Provincial 2nd Grand Principal E.Comp. Maldwyn Davies who also presented a Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp. Robert Baylis.

At this Convocation our M.E. Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. D. John Bennett carried out a Ceremony of Dedication for the new Temple Royal Arch Chapter Floorcloth together with Chapter Marine’s Compass.

The Convocation was attended by representatives of the other Clevedon Chapters.

This unique ceremony was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Recorded by E.Comp. Philip du Kamp