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    17th – Eldon – Clevedon
    19th – Royal Cumberland – Bath
    20th – St Lukes – Bath
    27th – Exmoor – Minehead
    19th – Avalon – Wedmore
    21st – Brotherly Love – Yeovil
    8th – Abbey – Keynsham
    12th – Connaught – Midsomer Norton
    3rd PRINCIPAL:
    14th – St Keyna – Keynsham
    22nd – Vale of Jehoshaphat – Burnham-on-sea

    29th – Devon and Somerset Farmers – Uffculme

    Dates for your Diaries

    7/12/19  – Carols & Readings for Christmas. St Benedict’s Church, Glastonbury.

    7 & 8/02/20 – Provincial Chapter Weekend (25th Anniversary) Durrant House Hotel, Bideford, North Devon

    21/05/20 – Provincial Grand Chapter, Webbington Hotel.

King Alfred 3169 October Installation

On Monday the 28th of October the King Alfred Chapter 3169 held their annual installation ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Excellent Companion Clive Lambert, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, accompanied by Excellent Companion Roger Bailey, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, John Hewett, Provincial Grand Standard Bearer, and Jonathon Mansell, Provincial Grand Steward.

Following recent illness and operations, our current DC, E. Comp Ian White was not able to be DC on the night, so we were very grateful for the help provided by E. Comp Brian Horn from Inkerman 1222 as DC.

The chapter was opened by the outgoing First Principal, E. Comp. Sandy Glen who welcomed the Deputy Grand Superintendent.

The installation proceeded with E. Comp Dr Simon Sparkes being inducted to Z, and E. Comp Stuart Boyd was inducted as H.
As E.Comp David Mallinson was unfortunately not able to be present due to illness, E.Comp Arthur Rowe stood in as J for the remainder of the evening.

The rest of the officers were then appointed and invested to their respective offices.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent then gave the address to the Principals, which was followed by E. Comp Tom Gould from Inkerman 1222 (with our thanks) addressing the Officers and E. Comp Sandy Glen addressing the Companions.

The companions retired to an excellent festive board, to meet again for an exaltation on Monday 23 March 2020.

Stuart Boyd, Simon Sparkes and Arthur Rose (l-r) as the Principals for the night.

The Principals with Excellent Companion Clive Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent,  John Hewett, Provincial Grand Standard Bearer, Excellent Companion Roger Bailey, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, and Jonathon Mansell, Provincial Grand Steward.

Three Principals at the festive board.

Eldon Chapter No.1755 Convocation 7th November 2019

Eldon Chapter had a full, busy and varied Convocation.

We were honoured with the presence of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E.Companion Barry Woodside, E. Companion Ray Beckingham 2nd Provincial Grand Principal together with other active Provincial Officers, Grand Officers and our Past MEGS E. Companion John Bennett.

The evening’s business included a Lecture from E. Companion Ray Beckingham and his team, the Symbolical Lecture led by E. Companion Sam Stride (Haggia) , receiving the Somerset Sceptre from St. Keyna Lodge and our MEGS E.Companion Barry Woodside presenting a 50 year certificate to E. Companion Geoff Day.


Eldon Chapter receiving the Somerset Sceptre.

E. Comp. A. Barden  ‘Z’                    E. Comp. B. Parks

St. Keyna Chapter.                             E. Comp.  M. Saunders

E. Comp. Darryl Woodruff ‘Z’          E. Comp.   A. Bardens  ‘Z’

Eldon Chapter.                                      Comp.   P. Drake

E.Companion Ray Beckingham assisted by his team, E.Companions Garry Sharp and Chris Fear gave an interesting and thought provoking lecture titled ‘My Chapter in Camera’. It was professionally delivered and enjoyed by all. I would recommend Chapters requesting this lecture should they have a spare date.

E. Companion Sam Stride the Eldon Haggai directed the Eldon version of the Symbolical Lecture which was confidently presented by E. Companions Keith Smith,Marshall Westley, Neil Pimm, Steven Wilson, David Parslow and Companion Darren Cook.

E. Companion Barry Woodside (MEGS) then made two presentations.

E. Companion Geoff Day receiving his 50 year certificate when E. Companion Barry Woodside congratulated Geoff on his achievement and for his dedication and commitment to the Royal Arch. He then gave the Companions a resume of E. Companion Geoff’s history in Masonry.

It had been decided at Grand Chapter that the Grand Superintendents Award collarette should not be worn. Our Grand Superintendent therefore has replaced this award with a badge. E. Companion Barry presenting E. Companion Philip du Kamp with his GSA award badge.

MEGS E. Companion Barry Woodside rise  to bring Fraternal Greetings from Provincial Grand Chapter and congratulating  E. Companion R. Beckingham and his team together with E. Companion Sam Stride and his team on the professional deliveries of their lectures. He concluded by again congratulating E. Companion Geoff Day and thanking our Principals and the Chapter for a very enjoyable evening.


Philip du Kamp  GSA  PPrGReg

CLO Eldon Chapter No. 1755



Wrington Vale 1199 464th Convocation

A happy companion and a very tall Companion

Companions apologise yet again for the lateness of this post as the ill health spotlight got me again, not that  I am particularly unwell just lots of me is broken.

The meeting was held on 14th October 2019 at Yatton our usual home with the DC having some thing to worry about J, E Comp Gary  Sharp was unavoidably detained at work. E Comp John D Bennett PGSupt stood in as J, I think John is work harder now than he did when he was Grand Superintendent. The meeting was the Exalt Bro Ian Burbage AKA “Babs” of The Forest of Mendip Lodge. The meeting went as they usually do at Wrington Vale with the 3 Principles working hard to produce a good ceremony for Ian, which they did. The Sojourners gave excellent performances as did the Companions who gave the lectures but then they always do! Comp Ian enjoyed the ceremony and looked impressed but the drama didn’t end there, it was the Treasurers turn too worry. The catering staff were having problems with the cooking range so there was a last minute change to the festive board menu, we got away with it.

For the future the Installation meeting is on the 9th of December 2019 and E Comp David Dixon, Third Provincial Grand Principle is visiting us and E Comp Ben White is having another go at J. We have a candidate  to Exalt next year, the usual lectures to give so the start of next year for Decembers team is starting to shape up nicely.

The fun for me never stops for me, on the 22nd November I am having a total knee replacement and knee cap resurfacing so my Wife will bring me to the Installation meeting and I might have a ride on Yatton’s stair lift.

Regards to you all,

E Comp Barry Jones,

CLO Wrington Vale.

The 3 Principles looking relaxed before we start.


The Sojourners keen to get going
The Exit
A very pleased looking new member Comp Ian
a bit blurred bit tells a story


St George’s October Exaltation

On 31st October E Comp Peter Light, MEZ, was pleased to Exalt his Candidate Bro Matt Landy. After the Chapter was opened E Comp Rod Green was Invested with his collars, yes collars, as Almoner and Ass Scr E as he was absent at the Installation ceremony. Rod was also standing in as H.

A ballot was held for a Joining Member, Comp Michael Meatyard, which proved clear and he was welcomed in the Chapter.

Next item on the Agenda was to carry out the Exaltation of Matt Landy, a member of Vivary Lodge, which MEZ is also a member. The ceremony went very well especially as the Principal Sojourner was also standing in. There was no problem with this as E Comp Neil Trood was the man in the hot seat. All those that know Neil are well aware of his superb ritual, even more amazing as he is just shy of his 87th Birthday. Comp Matt was duly shown the Charter of the chapter and presented with the By-laws.

The Almoner gave a report on those Companions who were unwell, making a special report on E Comp Terry Wood who was recovering from another stroke. There being no other items on the Agenda the Chapter was closed in peace and harmony and the Companions adjourned upstairs for the Festive Board.

E Comp Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer

CHAPTER OF BROTHERLY LOVE No. 329 October Convocation

The chapter was opened and E Comp Derek Marpole, MEZ, welcomed all companions and the one visitor. He then invited E Comp Tony Rash to present the Historical Lecture in Catechitical form assisted Comps: Part A Frank Suter; Part B Brian Gay ; Part C Alan Watkins; Part D Grant Lyons; Part E Ken Sherring; and Part F Rob Mitchell

MEZ the asked E Comp  Bill Spregg (H) for the Symbolical Lecture assisted by Comps: Part 1 Rob Mitchell; Part 2 Adrian Horsey; Part 3 Alan Watkins; Part 4 Gary Hall; Part 5 Frank Suter; Part 6 E Comp Clive Barlow; Part 7 E.Comp John Hawkins and Part 8. by E Comp Brian Buckle.

Next on the Agenda was the Election of the Principals for the forthcoming year as E Comp Bill Spregg as MEZ, E Comp Tony Rash as H and Comp Adrian Watkins as J. Likewise the Treasurer, Comp Rob Mitchell.

Scribe E announced that there were two candidates for Exaltation in the coming season. However, he announced that there have been six resignation,  all for a variety of reasons and accepted by the Scribe E.

The Chapter was closed in Peace and Harmony and the companions made their way to the festive board for melon and Parma Ham, Faggots, creamy mash and veg completed with fruit crumble.



Provincial Grand Lodge of Somerset

Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset

Barry Davies – Head of Communications
Andy Wade –
Head of IT
Richard Dredge –
Head of Social Media
David Parslow –
Head of IT & Social Media for Royal Arch


Dear Brethren / Companion

One of Freemasonry’s core values is that of being non – political. This policy is absolutely clear at UGLE, Supreme Grand Chapter of England, and at Provincial level, HOWEVER, you as an individual share that responsibility.

When using Social Media it is essential to keep your political beliefs separate from your Masonic presence. We strongly advise you to take all steps necessary to ensure that you do not post your political beliefs on Masonic, shared or personal accounts.

Please bear in mind that this includes any of your original posts, plus likes and forwards. Please also be aware of liking or forwarding posts linked to group, pages, or organizations, as a post you ‘like’ may be linked to a group, page or organization with conflicting beliefs.

Such actions can bring Freemasonry into disrepute and threaten to undermine Freemasonry as a non-political Fraternity where men meet regardless of their religion, ethnicity or political beliefs.

If you have photographs of you wearing Masonic regalia, share Masonic content on your Social Media, or your profile and timeline content shows that you are a member of Freemasonry, it is easy for someone to confuse your personal beliefs with that of Freemasonry itself. Indeed this has already happened within the Craft.

Separate Social Media accounts for non-Masonic activities are easy to set up and we encourage you to do this in order to prevent any unfortunate conflicts of interest.

Sincerely & fraternally

Barry, Andy, Rich and David

Adair Chapter Installation Meeting

On Wednesday the 23rd of October the Adair Chapter held their annual installation ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Excellent Companion Ray Beckingham, the Second Provincial Grand Principal, accompanied by Excellent Companion Geoff Lester, the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.

The chapter was opened by the outgoing First Principal, E. Comp. Alan Trask, who went on to welcome the Second Provincial Grand Principal and to thank the companions and officers of the chapter for their support throughout the last year. E. Comp.  Glynn Derrick was then inducted as Third Principal before the Installation of E. Comp Pete Murray as Second and Tim Gosling as The Most Excellent.

The rest of the officers were then appointed and invested to their respective offices.

The Most Excellent then presented a bottle of wine to the outgoing Scribe ‘E’, E. Comp. Peter Osborne to thank him for his many years of service in the office.

The Second Provincial Grand Principal then gave the address to the Principlals, which was followed by E. Comp Darrel Hinder addressing the Officers and E. Comp Andy Gray the Companions.

The chapter was closed with due solemnity and all companions retired to a very enjoyable festive board.

E. Comp John Holman. (Treasurer & CLO, Adair Chapter)

A Little Bit of Somerset Royal Arch in Oxfordshire

Friday 11th October 2019 was not the ideal afternoon to be travelling to Caversham, there was persistent rain and the M4 is always busy on a Friday afternoon. Never the less that is where I found myself on that Friday afternoon but if I thought the Motorway was busy it was nothing compared with crossing Reading at 5pm on a Friday.

The reason for me travelling to Caversham, which is in Berkshire although in the Masonic Province of Oxfordshire, was to be at the Installation of Caversham Chapter No 3831 who meet at Caversham Masonic Hall and there I would witness the Installation into the 1st Principal’s Chair of E Comp Michael Boswell, the son of my very good friend E Comp David Boswell, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, in and over, the Province of Suffolk. Although Michael used to live in Reading and is a member of a Craft Lodge in Windsor he now lives in Ipswich and a large contingent of Companions travelled to Caversham from Suffolk for the event. The Chapter was also honoured with the presence of E Comp Russell Race the 2nd Grand Principal and E Comp James Hilditch, the Grand Superintendent in and over, the Province of Oxfordshire and also six visiting Grand Superintendents, Graham Glazier Dorset, John Keeble Buckinghamshire, John Reid Wiltshire, Ian Hopgood Berkshire, Ian Chandler, Surrey and  John Phenix Worcestershire with two Past Grand Superintendents, Ken Benford Berkshire and John Bennett Somerset. Added to these there were several Deputy Grand Superintendents, Past & Present and most of the Provincial Royal Arch Provincial Team from Oxfordshire all making a very full Chapter.

After Opening the Chapter and proffering his Sceptre to both the 2nd Grand Principal and the Grand Superintendent of Oxfordshire, the new Principals were obligated in the normal way but it was at this point that the 1st Principal of Caversham Chapter invited E Comp David Boswell to take the Chair and to install his son, something that Michael was totally unaware of and which resulted in a very emotional ceremony and one that was presented faultlessly by David. Following the appointment of the Officers E Comp David Boswell stood in the West of the Chapter and presented the Address to the Principals, something that is never presented in either Oxfordshire or Suffolk but E Comp David had heard this in Somerset and was determined to present the address on the occasion of his sons Installation, just a little bit of Somerset in Oxfordshire, for a moment!

At the conclusion of the Convocation both E Comp David Boswell and E Comp Russell Race were both proposed as Honourary Members of the Caversham Chapter and following this a superb Installation Dinner was served at Reading Golf Club where the usual Toast were acknowledged.

Leaving Caversham at 10.30pm and then having to drive back to Somerset in the rain is not everyone’s ideal way to end an evening at a Royal Arch Chapter Convocation but when you have attended such a unique occasion it was well worth it.



Installation at 135

What an enjoyable evening we had in Bridgwater. The ceremony was somewhat simplified due to many officers remaining at post to allow the newer Companions to catch up.

Comp Kevin Beavan, with his Centenary Jewel, and Comp Gary Thomas, with his Certificate, with the Three Principals, Barrie Crow, Z, Chris Court, H, and Garry Boon, J, and E Comp Ray Beckingham

The caterers did a splendid job and there were two candidates voted in for Exaltation plus a joining member, Comp Kevin Beavan, who not only received a very warm welcome but received one of the few rare remaining Centenary Royal Arch Chapter jewels to wear in perpetuity. Companion Gary Thomas was presented with his Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate by E.Comp. Ray Beckingham, Second Provincial Grand Principal.

Although there were a number of apologies the Installation Convocation turned out to be a great success.

E.Comp. John M Griffin, PGStBr, PrGJan, P3rdPGPr
Scribe Ezra.

Learn CPR and have a cuppa!

Helen Hart has sent an email as follows:

My partner Greg are both paramedics that live in Congresbury and work in the local area. We just got back from climbing Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise money for the local air ambulance charity and are looking to host a number of coffee mornings in the area which would include a cake sale and the opportunity to learn CPR.

I was wondering if this is something that might be possible at Yatton Masonic hall? Or indeed any of your other venues?

Whilst working for the ambulance service both myself and Greg have seen first hand the importance of immediate and effective CPR, as it can literally be the difference between life and death. Evidence suggests that every minute that someone in cardiac arrest doesn’t receive CPR reduces their survivability by 10%. Despite these statistics only approximately 39% of cardiac arrests receive bystander CPR, which is significantly lower than most other westernised countries.

There is a big push nationally to train more people in how to deliver effective CPR and to give people the confidence to put it into practice.

We would be massively grateful if we could do our bit by hosting an event with yourselves. Plus cake makes it even more enjoyable!

If there is any Chapter or Craft Lodge or Masonic Centre interested in holding such a function please contact Helen directly at helenhart002@gmail.com