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  • Latest Information

    Provincial Rulers Visits for April 2019
    1st – Perpetual Friendship- Bridgwater
    11th – Abbey – Keynsham
    15th – Fidelity and Sincerity – Wellington
    22nd – Inkerman – Weston-super-Mare
    Team Visit:
    18th – Brotherly Love – Yeovil – Exaltation

    16th May Annual Provincial Meeting at the Webbington Hotel and Spa

Eldon Chapter Installation Convocation – 7th March 2019

Eldon Chapter’s Installation Convocation on March 7th 2019  was honoured with the presence of our new Provincial Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Barry Woodside.

With the assistance of E.Comps. Richard Ellis and Philip du Kamp as H and J respectively, E.Comp. Keith Smith inducted E.Comp. Darryl Woodruff as Z after which E.Comp. Sam Stride was Installed as H and E.Comp. Philip Mills was inducted as J.

Comp. Kelvin Grainger was presented with his Grand Chapter certificate by the Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Barry Woodside.

We had two Exaltees proposed – Bro Peter Flack and Bro Michael Glanville both of whom are from Severn Lodge.

On the second rising MEGS E.Comp. Barry Woodside congratulated the Principals on their appointments. He then  reminded Companions of the Annual Convocation at the Webbington where E.Comp. Geoff Lester will be appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and E.Comps. Keith Smith and Darryl Woodruff will be promoted to Past Provincial Registrar and Past Provincial Assistant Sojourner respectively.

Eldon Chapter’s next Convocation is on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Sam Stride (H), Darryl Woodruff (Z), Philip Mills (J)
Ray Conneely (Pr D/C ), Sam Stride (H), Barry Woodside (MEGS), Darryl Woodruff (Z), Philip Mills (H) 
Kelvin Grainger receiving his Grand Chapter Certificate from MEGS

Dungarvan Chapter 973

A Regular Convocation of the Chapter was held at the Masonic Hall, Frome on Thursday 28th March 2019.

The Principals for the ensuing year were elected as,  E Comp R Conneely as MEZ, E Comp M Williams as H and Comp A Baird as J.
E Comp L Lillywhite was re-elected as Treasurer and Comp. R. Brimson was re-elected as Janitor for the ensuing year.

Bro. Steven Peter Hall, having been successfully Balloted for in Open Chapter on 29th November 2018 was exalted. The Mystical Lecture was given.

The Companions enjoyed an excellent festive board and  fellowship.





1966 Have a Memorable Evening

At the April Convocation Fidelity and Sincerity had a most enjoyable and informative ceremony. The chapter was pleased to receive E Comp Barry Woodside, MEGS, accompanied by E Comp Chris Moore, PrGDC. E Comp Barry was proffered the Sceptre by E Comp Andrew Kerslake, MEZ, which was returned with thanks.

The chapter was unfortunately hit by two cancellations at a very late hour so a substitute to act as J, E comp Keith Kerslake, was clothed though, his part was to only undertake the readings. There had also been two other subs brought off the bench, E Comp Peter Chidzey as Principal Sojourner, E Comp John Brown as Scribe N and E Comp Mike Condick as IPZ. The evening was to undertake a demonstration Exaltation with timely interruptions from Scribe E, Jim Nicol, with snippets of information. E Comp Jim had borrowed this from E Comp Bob Moore. Comp Gary Beasley acted as candidate, he was not hoodwinked, and he was entrusted inside the temple, so that all could see what happened, especially Gary.

The demonstration was completed and the agenda items were duly processed. E Comp Jason Vincent was elected as Z, E Comp Paul Spoors was elected H in his absence, as was Comp Chris Waterhouse for the office of J. E Comp Keith Smith was re-elected as Treasurer and the remaining officers were left for the incoming Principals to appoint.

E Comp Ron Troup, the Charity Steward then proposed that £300 be donated to the Musgrove Park Hospital Scanner Appeal, which was duly seconded and carried.

The Chapter was then closed and during the Risings MEGS commented on the quality of the evening and said that he was looking forward to seeing many from 1966 at the Provincial Convocation where several members of the Chapter would receive honours and promotions.

The evening finished off with a tasty Festive Board and conviviality.

Adair Chapter Convocation March 2019

On Wednesday 27th March a regular Convocation of the Adair Chapter was held at the Masonic Hall in Clevedon. Once that the chapter had been opened by the Most Excellent and the normal business dealt with, including the installation of two officers not present at the installation meeting, a presentation of the Symbolical Lecture was given under the direction of ‘H’ (Tim Gosling).

Each part was taken by a different companion, including one kindly being voiced by a visiting companion. Each Companion was called to the floor in turn, where he could indicate the specific piece of the furniture his section was explaining.

Following this the Historical Lecture was excellently delivered in its entirety by ‘J’ (Pete Murray).

There being no further business the Chapter was closed by Their Excellences and the companions retired downstairs to the festive board.

The Three Principles of the Adair Chapter.

Adair Chapter Sunday Lunch

Two important aspects of freemasonry are having fun and helping others. On Sunday, 24th March the Companions of Adair Chapter together with Family and Friends, numbering in excess of 30 despite short notice due to a heavily booked Clevedon Masonic Hall, managed both. The weather was perfect, the food and service excellent and the buzz of happy conversation constant.

What’s more the raffle, which had numerous prizes and was run by the three Principals together with the Charity Steward, raised a substantial sum towards charity. All this and nobody disgraced themselves (or us) by dancing on the table (not even me!).

If you didn’t come, the loss was yours – but there’s always next time … .

Tim Gosling

Chapter of Brotherly Love No. 329

At our regular convocation on Thursday 28th February we were pleased to receive the Somerset Sceptre from a delegation of Companions, led by E. Comp Andrew Kerslake the MEZ, of the Chapter of Fidelity and Sincerity No. 1966.

The Sceptre was then safely conveyed to St Lukes Chapter No. 6540 by E. Comp Derek Marpole MEZ and the 3rd Principal on the 20th March.

Our forthcoming convocation is on 18th April and we will be honoured by the presence of E. Comp B.K. Woodside, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, who will be joined by members of the Provincial Team.

Following the usual business we will be balloting for a candidate and, if successful, exalt Daniel Burnell a member of the Lodge of Science No 437

Supreme Grand Chapter Appointments 2019

At the Annual Investiture of the Supreme Grand Chapter of England to be
held at Freemasons’ Hall on Thursday 25th April 2019 the following
Companions from Somerset are being honoured:-

First Appointment:

E Comp Clive Albert Francis LAMBERT PGSwdB
E Comp Roger REINA PGStdB
E Comp Andrew Stuart CLAPP PAGDC

We congratulate these three on their honours.

Also our MEGS Barry Keith WOODSIDE  will be appointed Junior Grand Deacon at the Grand Lodge at Freemasons’ Hall on Wednesday 24th April 2019. Congratulation Barry.

Calderley Chapter Installation 2019

The Calderley Chapter was attended by E Comp Barry Woodside, MEGS, who was attended by E Comps Tony Cooper, PrDGDC, and E Comp Alan McMurray, PrGStwd, acting as Standard Bearer. E Comp Barry was welcomed by MEZ, E Comp Richard Ellis, who presented him with the Sceptre which was returned with thanks. The Minutes of the last convocation having been circulated were approved and there were no matters arising.

A ballot was taken for Joining Members, E Comps Neil Hurcum,3rd Prov G Principal and Roger Reina, Prov G Registrar. The Ballot proved clear and they were welcomed into the Chapter.

The Three Principals for 2019/20: E Comps Ray Beckingham, H, Keith Fisher, Z , Matt Westley, J

The main event was announced and E Comp Richard Ellis Inducted his successor E Comp Keith Fisher,  who then did likewise for E Comp Ray Beckingham as H, who then Inducted E Comp Matt Westley as J. E Comp Keith then Appointed and Invested His Officers for the coming year.

Next item on the Agenda was to proffer the Sceptre again to E Comp Barry Woodside who this time retained it and took the chair. Their several discussions in this period, a few are listed herein:

  • MEGS was disappointed that there were not more CLOs attending as only 9 CLOs were present which somewhat defeated the object of CLO’s duties to attend as Honorary Members.
  • Solomon was discussed and it was suggested that if the Chapters in the Province didn’t have a ceremony they may wish to give a presentation form Solomon’s website. Either contact E Comp Ray Beckingham or E Comp Maldwyn Davies. If there are good speakers in the Chapter’s they could do it. E Comp Neil Hurcum suggested that it would be nice if a couple of CLOs could give a nugget each from Solomon
  • Conversion from the Craft to HRA is not good as the rate is about 27% and HRA reps in the craft lodges are to be asked to encourage Brethren to complete the masonic journey by joining the Royal Arch.
  • E Comp Martin Slocombe gave a brief resume on the Grand Officers’ Mess which has fallen by the wayside. He stated that he had undertaken a questionnaire in the northern part of the Province and had received favourable comments for it to be resurrected under the new name of Somerset Grand Officers’ Forum. This would be open to all Craft and Chapter Grand Officers.

E Comp Barry then thanked all those who contributed to the lively debate and returned the Sceptre to E  Comp Keith to conduct AOB, when the MEGS rose to give a Notice of Motion that at the next meeting he would be proposing Comp. David Medlock, the Provincial Grand Master Designate, as an Honorary member of the Chapter. This was followed by E Comp John Bennett who rose to give a Notice of Motion to propose E Comp David Dixon, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal Designate as a member of the Chapter.

The Chapter was closed and the companions proceeded down stairs to enjoy the Festive Board.

E Comp Barry Woodside, MEGS, with E Comp Tony Cooper, PrDGDC, and MEZ E Comp Keith Fisher listening to the MEGS’s response to his toast.




A good number of Companions used a lot of brownie points to attend the Convocation that
clashed with Valentines Night. I am sure the companions paid for the evening in flowers,
chocolates and late meals out.
The companions were rewarded by an excellent evening to witness Brother Jonathan Trott of Wraxall Lodge, being exalted into the Holy Royal Arch.
The Principals E Comps Dale Shermon (Z), David Maddern (H) and Martin Slocombe (J)
were greatly assisted by Comp Richard Hicken (PSoj), plus E Comps Richard Ellis, Martin
Slocombe and Richard Reeve presenting the Mystical Lecture. However, it was very much
appreciated that E Comp David Parslow, Past Provincial Third Grand Principal, stood in at
fairly late notice as 1st Assist Soj and delivered Three Master Masons from Babylon
impeccably and did not introduce many foreign (Eldon) workings.

The evening proceeded with ballots for another two candidates, plus presentation of
Certificate to Comp Paul Light.
The evening concluded with another fine meal from the Nailsea Caterer and the Principals and Candidate were in relaxed mode.

Tyntesfield Chapter will welcome The Provincial Team for the May meeting (9th May) and look forward to greeting the Grand Superintendent, his team and hopefully many guests.

Words and pics are thanks to E Comp (Scribe Tyntesfield 4494) Ian Disdel, as I was working away in The United States Of America when we had our meeting.

Also on a Side note last night on the 4th of February 2019 we had our Calderley Chapter of Union meeting,  what a simply brilliant time I had at the meeting, I was there as my appointed role for my own Royal Arch Chapter Tyntesfield 4494 meeting in Nailsea Somerset as the Calderley Liaison Officer, we had such a wonderful installation of officers and I stood in as an officer of the chapter as they were short tonight, wow what am experience, we then opened the floor up to debate, mere words can’t describe what it’s like when with like minded professional people who can debate like gentlemen for the greater good making Freemasonary better and especially Royal Arch better, I feel so privileged, nay honoured, to be in their company treated as an equal, I cannot urge all MM enough to consider joining Royal Arch (Chapter) enough, complete the 4th part of your circle and become whole, MM get in touch I will find you a Royal Arch near you, equally I urge any man who has an interest in Freemasonary to get in touch if you want to join I will point you in the right direction, SMIB?#freemasonary #royalarchchapter#royalarchmasonary #craftfreemasonry

Chapter of St George receive “The Royal Arch in Camera”

On Thursday 28th February the Chapter was pleased to receive a demonstration of “The Royal Arch in Camera” by E Comps Ray Beckingham, 2nd Prov Grand Principal, Maldwyn Davies and Charlie Barker. The Janitor gave an alarm on the door and E comp Charlie was admitted, wrongly dressed and giving the wrong salutation, which soon went as E Comp Ray put him straight! The three then ran through the in Camera with explanations of various parts of the Royal Arch ritual and historical information of the Officers in a Chapter.

E Comp Ray Beckingham
E Comp Maldwyn Davies [standing]
E comp Charlie Barker

On Completion a round of applause was given with thanks from the MEZ Simon Cassling, who once again had traveled over from Brussels that day.

The rest of the agenda then continued with the announcement of the three Principals to be installed in May, E Comp Peter Light as Z, Ken Clarke as H, and Michael Day as J, also the Treasurer, Comp Brian Whiteside, was announced.

The Chapter was closed after the rising and all adjourned to the Festive Board for a most convivial dinner.