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    Provincial Rulers Visits for December 2018
    10th – Wrington Vale – Yatton
    13th – St George – Taunton
    3rd – Perpetual Friendship – Bridgwater
    4th – Taunton Deane – Taunton

    2nd Principal:
    13th – Tyntesfield – Keynsham

    Next year’s Booking Form for The Provincial Weekend at Bideford is now available, check out the ‘Resources’ page in the Provincial drop down menu.

Tyntesfield 4494 Royal Arch Chapter Meeting 13 December 2018

Well here I am back for my second attempt at writing our Chapter report, that’s me in the picture there in all my Royal Arch refinery, I have had a little trouble negotiating this website but we are getting there, I must send a huge thank you to E Companion David Parslow for all his help getting me to this point, for if it were not for his help I would not be writing this now, it was also great catching up with you at RA Tyntefield 4494 meeting last week Mucker (friend), alas I am a rough ole country boy so tiz how I speak so bare with me as I often break into a broad West Country accent when I write or speak.

We had a wonderful meeting and as I was taking my new position as ADC as well as my role as the Caulderly Liaison Officer it was a big nervous night for me too, the ceremony was first class and I slipped into my role quite well I think, although I was guided by my good friend E Companion Richard Reeves who is our ADC, our 3 principles did a brilliant job from open to close and guided us mere mortals most excellently (hope you like the pun) in the ceremony and at the festive board.

E. Companion Ray Buckingham 2nd Provincial Grand Principal gave us a presentation all about the history up to present day of Royal Arch Freemasonry, I must say I personally really enjoyed the presentation as did all of our companions, I know I took away a better understanding of what it is we do at Royal Arch, I must send a massive thank you to E. Companion Ray Buckingham 2nd Provincial Grand Principal for this presentation from myself, Our principles and the rest of the Tyntesfield 4494 Companions please come back again soon and give us another presentation, I did not call it a lecture or anything else either (chuckle) as Ray told me all about Solomon and that we must now call it a Presentation not a lecture or anything else, I urge you all to check Solomon out there is a great article all about it in Freemasonry Today Magazine click on this link for the latest edition or look inside the magazine that comes through your door  https://www.freemasonrytoday.com/magazine or contact your province for a direct link etc.

the festive board what can I say it was such a jolly affair with Companions from all over coming to visit, I know we say it at every Lodge or Chapter in the visitors toast, but visiting other Chapters really is the life blood of Freemasonry, for me I learn so much see so many different ceremonies performed with a little tweaks of  their own with each Chapter and always learn something new that I did not know, I met up with so many old friends and made so many new ones, the festive board for me is such a huge delight and fills my heart with such joy.

One such visitor to our Royal Arch Chapter this time was E. Companion D. John Bennett Past. Grand Superintendent a man I have truly learned to look up too, for he has inspired me to try harder and learn more about Freemasonry in general but to educate myself well in The Royal Arch, he is such an inspiration and a truly a great guy, I personally wish to thank him for all he has done for Royal Arch Masonry and thank him for inspiring me as well as many others to do better, I hope I can call on you and your experience in the futer as there are a thousand and one questions I still have.

Another visitor was my visitor that I invited, E Companion Barry Jones and fellow Caulderly Liaison officer for his Chapter, we had such a wonderful catch up with old friends on our table and new ones, I am not sure which table was the most jolly in our Chapter this evening, I am sure our’s was right up there when it came to the toasts/singing and Christmas Carols.

I would whole hardheartedly urge all Craft Master Masons out there to seriously consider Royal Arch Freemasonry (Chapter) before joining any other degrees, thus complete the proper journey fill the fourth part of your circle, you can thank me later and if your not sure how to join drop your Craft Lodges Royal Arch representative a line or your secretary will know who that is, or drop me a line and I will do my very best to point you in the right direction.

All that’s left to say is to lock up our secrets and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

From The Principles, Officers and Companions.

Of the awesome Tyntesfield 4494 Royal Arch Chapter meeting in the Temple here in Somersetshire.

Complete the journey.

Master Mason contact me directly if you have trouble finding out how to join Royal Arch Freemasonry

10th December Installation of E Comp Ian Angell

Companions  last night we held the installation of E Comp Ian Angell as 1st Principle of the Chapter and we were honoured with the presence of E Comp Barry. K. Woodside, The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset. Accompanied by E Comp G.J Lester, Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, E Comp D Smith, Provincial Grand Standard Bearer and E Comp P.J. Harris Provincial Grand Steward. With a delegation from  The Chapter of Perpetual Friendship 135 to present the Somerset Sceptre, as it was MEGS first visit to our Chapter really not a meeting to be missed but we only managed 25 in the Temple.

Numbers aside E Comp David Weatherill the out going 1st Principle installed his predecessor with his well polished and near faultless ritual(I can say that as I was IPZ with the book). Ian took the centre chair and I suspect first night nerves got the better of him as he had a bit of a shaky start which was transmitted to H, E Comp John Vowels but all credit to them they pulled it together, J, E Comp Gary Sharp sat there oblivious(this time, he has the Historical lecture to do!) Once they got themselves under control they finished off the rest of the work very competently  and with some polish… Well done. Companions  once you take that middle chair the realisation dawns on you that everyone is looking at you and hanging on your next word. With MEGS looking at you along with the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principles there is a touch or two of pressure. Of which I can whole heartedly understand as the WM of Hallam lodge of Mark Master Masons my last ceremony of Advancement the Assistant Grand Master was with us on a private visit, along with The Provincial Grand Master for Somerset, The Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Somerset, PGM for Monmouthshire, PPGM for Monmouthshire, a number of Grand Officers and Active Provincial Grand Officers. I could feel Ian’s pain. As they say we got there in the end with excellent performances from the supporting Companions  as well. The evening was topped off with an untraditional Christmas dinner! Thanks to our very charming Treasurer and Catering Officer E Comp David Bussell but it tasted good. My rather pleasant evening was rounded off with me wining the rather good quality bottle of Whiskey in the raffle. All in all we had a good night and to those absent Companions, we missed you.

Dates for your dairy, 9th January 2019 we are taking The Somerset Sceptre to The Chapter of Sincerity 261 at Taunton so come on Companions support Ian on his first trip out as 1st Principle. Also the second Monday in February, which is our next meeting when our new team will be preforming an exaltation also don’t forget the Chapter weekend in Bideford(Contact Scribe E). The next couple of years looks good for Wrington Vale we have 3 confirmed candidates and one doing the paperwork. I almost forgot during the risings The MEGS announced that I was receiving at the May Provincial meeting  first appointment as Provincial Grand Steward which makes me feel very proud and humbled at the same time and I am looking forward to it, also it is another honour to Wrington Vale Chapter. Companions have a very Happy Christmas and hopefully a successful New Year, see you all soon.


Barry Jones.

CLO Wrington vale Chapter.



This year is proving to be another successful year and an exciting period of change in The Royal Arch in Somerset. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your hard work, commitment and support throughout. We have a wonderful family atmosphere within the Royal Arch and I know it’s something that we all treasure and will continue to nurture long into the future.
It is also that time of the year when we shall all be celebrating Christmas in various ways; Peggy and I would like to wish you all a very Happy & Peaceful Christmas and a Healthy and Wonderful New Year.
Yours sincerely and fraternally

Barry K Woodside


For the want of light we could not see colour.

Taunton Deane Chapter held the December Convocation on Tuesday 4th December. The Chapter was honoured by the presence of the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Clive Lambert escorted by E. Comp. Chris Moore Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. Also in attendance was  E. Comp. D. John Bennett Past Grand Superintendent.

E. Comp. Roger Seaton welcomed E. Comp. Clive to the Chapter and proffered the sceptre.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent knowing that the Chapter worked Aldersgate ritual was quick to hand the sceptre back

The Companions of the Chapter elected the Past Grand Superintendent as an honorary member and E. Comp. D. John Bennett thanked the Chapter for the honour.

The Principals gave a demonstration of Exaltation during which E. Comp. Peter Ashby gave the Mystical Lecture in its entirety.

The Chapter was closed in due form and the Companions retired for supper of Pate followed by Roast Pork which was enjoyed by all.

The Principals by this time had seen the light and changed robes accordingly!


Avalon, 446, Installation, 20th November 2018

Avalon Chapter’s New Rulers, l to r, E Comps Peter Yusan, John Rook and Colin Snook

Our Installation meeting on 20th November 2018 was a very enjoyable occasion and we were honoured by the presence of Deputy Grand Superintendent E Comp Clive Lambert together with Provincial Standard Bearer E Comp David Smith. The evening went extremely well and our new Principals are looking forward to a busy and productive year ahead.

9250 Devon and Somerset Farmer’s 2018 Installation

It was once again a very well attended meeting with about 24 Active Provincial Officers from both Devon and Somerset. Heading these were E Comps Simon Rowe MEGS Devon, and Barry Woodside, MEGS Somerset. It was sad to hear that E Comp Nick Male, MEZ, had a bereavement in the family that morning and was, understandably, unable to attend. At such short notice E Comp Rob Hendy was approached and with less than three hours notice, including travel, agreed to step in to the role.

The meeting was opened and E Comp Simon Rowe, with just a few of his team and Grand Officers   processed in. He was proffered the Sceptre and rapidly returned it stating that he would need a little more time to swat up Z’s part. The meeting continued with a eulogy for Comp J D Crossman, a founder member, given by E Comp Bill Carnell. There followed the adoption of the minutes of September’s meeting and the adoption of the Chapter Accounts with thanks to the retiring Treasurer.

Next item on the agenda was the Installation of the three Principals. E Comp Andrew Kerslake took Scribe N’s post and Comp Richard Hill was presented to E Comp J and took his Obligation as J, E Comp Bill Carnell then took J’s chair and E Comp Chris Grubb was Obligated as H. Then E Comp Stanley Hopkins took H’s chair and E Comp Martyn Yates was Obligated as Z. The  Chapter was then opened in the three Conclaves and the the three new Principals then Installed their team for the year.

The Principals: E Comps Chris Grubb, H, Martyn Yates, Z, and Richard Hill, J.
The Principals with Simon Rowe, MEGS Devon, and Barry Woodside, MEGS Somerset

The Chapter was closed and companions adjourned to the Festive Board which was a bit cosy with so many companions dining. There followed good food and company and a superb raffle and the meeting ended after 10:30pm.

I only wanted a smiley picture!
A packed Festive Board
E Comp Simon Rowe responding to his Toast

King Alfred 3169 Installation

On Monday 22nd October, King Alfred Chapter held its 120th meeting, the installation of E Comp Sandy Glen as First Principal.

Due to illness of our DC, E Comp Ian White and also unavailability of our ADC E Comp Terry Clarke, the Chapter was especially pleased that it would be in the safe hands of at short notice, E Comp Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, and also E Comp Geoff Lester, Past Prov ADC.

The meeting began by welcoming  E Comp Barry Woodside, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset on the occasion of his first Chapter visit after being invested at the Webbington the previous week. He was accompanied by E Comp Ray Conneely, Prov Deputy Grand DC, E Comp Robert Nicholls Prov Grand Standard Bearer and E Comp Keith Smith Prov Grand Steward.

The first business was the election of two Honorary members, both Past First Principals of King Alfred Chapter, E Comp Bill Jefford and E Comp Arthur Rowe. Both were unanimously agreed in recognition of their contributions to the Chapter over many years.

The main business of the evening was the installation of the Principals for the ensuing year. The 3 Principals elect had already been past First Principals of King Alfred Chapter so only inductions were needed before E Comp Sandy Glen became Z, E. Comp Simon Sparkes became H and E. Comp Jeremy Thomas became J. The address to the Principals was then presented by the MEGS.

L-R Simon Sparkes, MEGS, Sandy Glen, Jeremy Thomas
King Alfred Principals, MEGS, Ray Conneely and Chris Moore
King Alfred Principals, MEGS, Bill Jefford and Arthur Rowe as new Honorary members

A full list of the officers for 2018/19 is on the 3169 King Alfred Chapter page.

After the Risings the Chapter was closed in peace and harmony and the companions adjourned for the Festive Board of Tomato Soup, Steak and Ale pie followed by Apple pie and custard.

Principals at the Festive Board

A very pleasant evening was had by all.

The next convocation will be an exaltation on 25th March 2019


1966 F & S Exaltation in November

On Monday the 19th November the Chapter was pleased to be able to have an Exaltation Ceremony with the new Principals doing their first ceremony. The chapter was opened and the usual items progressed seamlessly, when item 6 on the agenda was to Exalt Bro Gary Beasley, a member of Unity Lodge no 1332 from over the border in Devon.

Bro Gary was entrusted and entered into the Chapter where several Companions undertook the ritual: E Comp John Bennett gave the Address; E Comp Richard Gale gave the Signs; E Comps Andrew Kerslake, Peter Chidzey and Adrian Halliwell gave the Mystical Lecture.

Under the 2nd and 3rd Rising E Comp Jim Nicol, Scribe E, announced the names of those Companions who were to receive Provincial Honours at next May’s Provincial Convocation and these received an acclamation.

After the Closing the Companions then retired to the Festive Board of smoked Mackerel and Horseradish paté followed by Roast Turkey and all the trimmings, well it is nearly Christmas! The Toast to the Exaltee, Comp Gary, was given by his Proposer E Comp Jim Nicol, to which Comp Gary gave an excellent reply. The Toast to the Visitors was proposed by E Comp John Brown with his usual Scottish humour and was ably responded to by E Comp David Vaughan.

Comp Gary Beasley, the Exaltee. with the Principals; E Comps Jason Vincent, H, Andrew Kerslake, MEZ, and Paul Spoors, J.
E Comp David Vaughan responding to the Visitor’s Toast

Provincial Team visit to Somersetshire Chapter

On the 14th November 2018, twenty Somerset Companions led by The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E Comp Barry K Woodside, traveled up to the metropolis on their annual outing honouring the pledged made by the Past Grand Superintendent, E Comp D John Bennett, to support the Companions of The Somersetshire Chapter for as long into the future as we are able.

Many of the attending Companions made their first port of call to Supreme Grand Chapter where following the address by the Pro. First Grand Principal ME Comp Peter Geoffrey Lowndes, Supreme Grand Chapter was closed, allowing a delegation from the Royal College of Surgeons to be admitted and introduced. Following two extremely able and challenging dissertations the delegation, after receiving a standing ovation were excused and a recession parade was formed to escort the Grand Principals from the Temple.

A hasty retreat then ensued as the Somerset Companions made their way across to Davys at St. James’s for a buffet lunch and a helping of Davys finest ale, before departing to Mark Masons Hall for The Somersetshire Chapter Convocation. The Chapter Convocation proved a huge success with the Metropolitan Steward’s Chapter demonstrating an Exaltation Ceremony with added drama. The Assistant Metropolitan Grand Superintendent, E Comp Ian Currans, PGSwdB, who was responsible for organising the demonstration was in attendance together with a number of his Senior Metropolitan Team.

Long may our committed and happy association continue with the Companions of The Somersetshire Chapter; and on this particular occasion, our thanks must surely go to all the participating Metropolitan Team for making the evening such an enjoyable and memorable occasion.

St. Keyna welcomes our new Grand Superintendent

MEGS with the Principals of the Chapter and our newest Companion

St. Keyna Chapter welcomed  Ex. Companion Barry Woodside, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset. He was accompanied by Ex. Comp Jefferey Lester, Past Prov ADC. He witnessed an Exaltation ceremony for our newest Companion, Comp. Darren Clark.

The meeting was well attended and Darren played an integral part and proved to be an excellent candidate.

The banquet was of a very good standard and all appeared to enjoy themselves as could be heard from the buzz in the dining room.